Office Olympics Team Building Activity

Office Olympics Team Building Activity

The Indoor Office Olympics- a fun indoor team building activity

This event is a fantastic form of Indoor or Outdoor Entertainment that combines Team Bonding with fun and hilarity! We have used a combination of our Indoor Team Tasks, Ice Breakers and It's A Knockout Games to create an exciting and action packed event. The games are quick fire and can have hilarious results!

A group will typically be split into several teams and participate in a series of light- hearted fun games, tasks and quizzes. Each team is given a call sign (such as being Loud Farmers or the Sweeney) and are actively encouraged to be as loud as possible!

Office Olympics- fun indoor team building activity
The Office Olympics Fun Team Building Activity

How this fun indoor team building activity works:

The games are fun and an element of competition can be included- teams may play a Joker to earn double points on one game. We can also include Funny Money with the team that wins the most cash (by hook or crook) at the end of the event being declared the winner.

The games come thick and fast calling for quick thinking, interaction and a sense of humour (you might be asked to wear a white coat and bald head!).

Our other two most popular indoor team building ideas include our unique Giant Acropoli Board Game and Old Masters. This is a highly creative activity that gives the team a unique piece of art to take away at the end of the event!

We have also recently added two new indoor events to our portfolio: Whacky Races! and The Great Space Race.

Indoor Office Olympics Price Structure:

Please call, email or use our online enquiry form for prices. For information on more Team Building Packages please visit our main Team Building page or return to our Home Page.

We have a whole selection of fun team games and indoor tasks that can be included in the Office Olympics. We usually bring along a selection of the following and get through as many games as we can within the given time period:

The Indoor or Outdoor Office Olympics

Egg TowerCaterpillarCatchphrase
AppliancesBuild Us a CraneBrain Teasers
Blindfold TentGrenade LauncherHuman Table Football
JengaMagic StickObstacle Skis
Spaghetti BridgeWashing Powder AdWhere's Murphy
WiggleIndoor Team Building Activities, Exercises & GamesPub Table Football

If you want something that's not listed then let us know and we can probably source it for you

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