Enigma Budget Team Building Activity

Enigma Budget Team Building Activity

Enigma: budget team building event | Budget Team Activity

This is a new low cost Team Building Activity designed specifically for those groups on a lower budget. Although it is one of our budget team building events, it includes many tasks from the more expensive options. It is more self managing, thus reducing the need for so many instructors and so reducing the price. It is an event that calls for cunning and innovation!

The scenario is that the teams are faced with a Mission to crack the code of the top secret Enigma Machine.

First of all, the teams meet a mysterious Secret Agent at Checkpoint Charlie to receive their brief (outlining their mission and also containing instructions on how to reach the "Drop Zone" deep behind enemy lines).

Budget team building event
Budget team activity

A series of team tasks and activities are located in the grounds surrounding the venue and, once they have been dropped behind enemy lines, the teams have to locate and complete each one using the map and Grid References provided by the Resistance. At the same time they have to evade capture from the patrolling security forces!!!

Once they have successfully completed their tasks (photographic evidence might have to be shown!) then the teams can radio through (using the Walkie Talkies provided) for their final rendezvous where they will be met by M and get the chance to crack the Enigma Code!

This budget team building package can include the following team tasks:

Artesian WellBlindfold TentBuild Us a Crane
Grenade LauncherInvisible MazeMagic Stick
Rope SquareWhere's MurphyWashing Powder Ad

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