Team Building Exercises

Team Building Exercises

Outdoor and Indoor Team Building Activities

We have an extensive set of team exercises, activities and events to choose from. In its simplest of formats a light hearted Outdoor Team Building event can consist of a series of these exercises set out within the grounds of the chosen venue. This is ideal for a post conference type of event and ideal for large numbers.

If you are holding your event in a city centre venue with limited outdoor space then we also have an extensive selection of Indoor Team Building Activities to choose from. Just click on the links below for a more detailed explanation of our most popular packages:

Indoor Team Building Activity
Giant Painting Indoor Team Building Activity

Our Most Popular Indoor Team Building Activities:

  • Old Masters

  • The Great Space Race

  • Indoor Office Olympics

  • Pub Games Evening

  • Giant Acropoli

  • Whacky Races
  • Our Most Popular Outdoor Packages:

  • Mission impossible

  • Lost Inca Treasure Trail

  • Whacky Races!

  • Human Table Football

  • Archery

  • Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting

  • Dash for Cash

  • Outdoor Office Olympics

  • All of our activities are fully portable so we can attend any venue in the UK. Please get in touch if you are a venue looking for a reliable supplier.

    Outdoor team activities

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    Please send an email to our corporate events team, fill out our online enquiry form or call us (07770 982290) to discuss your event.

    Listed below is a brief description of some of the team exercises that we often include in our events:


    Spiders Web outdoor team building exercise (teamwork and problem solving):

    Hidden in the trees is a giant bungy web. The whole team have to pass through it, and back again, without touching the web. This is a very popular task that involves the whole team working together.

    Artesian Well outdoor team building exercise (multi tasking, teamwork, leadership & problem solving):

    The team are faced with a restricted area. Inside is a length of down pipe that they are told contains a bomb. The aim is to retrieve the bomb without touching it and transfer it to the safety bunker, also situated within the minefield. There are also two watering cans located in the middle of the minefield. There is not a lot of equipment provided and the team really have to puzzle over this one. Teamwork is essential to complete what initially looks like an impossible task.

    Grenade Launcher outdoor fun team building exercise (planning, design and leadership):

    Using the equipment provided, the teams have to construct an egg launcher. Not only do the teams have to fire the egg across a gorge, but they also have to catch it to earn maximum points!

    The Virus indoor or outdoor team building exercise (problem solving and cooperation):

    In the middle of a minefield is a tin containing a highly contagious virus. This has to be retrieved and taken to a decontamination pot. No member of the team is allowed in the minefield or within three feet of the virus!

    Druids Maze outdoor or indoor team exercise (planning and leadership):

    The team are faced with a giant bungy maze stretched out across the floor. They are informed that it has been laid across a dangerous area containing quicksand and the only safe way across is with the aid of a series of coloured wooden boards. Once a segment has been used it cannot be used again. Careful planning is needed or some members of the team may be left stranded on the wrong side!

    Wiggle (teamwork and trust):

    An excellent Ice Breaker calling for teamwork and co-operation. The team form a circle and join hands. There is an inner tube hanging over the arms of one pair in the group. The aim is to pass the tube all the way round the circle without releasing each other?s hands! This is even better when two or more teams are racing each other.

    Space Escape (problem solving and teamwork):

    This game calls for organisation, communication and problem solving. Faced with a dwindling supply of oxygen the team must rearrange hula-hoops in such a way that will allow them to beam aboard their spacecraft. Various restrictions are in place, which make this task a lot more difficult than it first appears.

    Gorge Crossing (teamwork, trust and planning):

    Faced with an imaginary 200ft deep, crocodile infested gorge, the team have to get safely across using the equipment provided. This is hard enough but what if one of the team steps on an unseen mine and has to be stretched across?

    Invisible Maze (problem solving, leadership & organisational learning):

    A group of astronauts in training for a two-year mission into deep space must demonstrate their ability to learn and problem solve as a team by traversing an invisible maze.

    Minefield (communication, planning and trust):

    Faced with crossing a minefield blindfolded, the team have to first create a language using a whistle and then get as many people across the minefield in the allotted time period. Planning and time management are essential.

    Moonwalk (problem solving and interdependence):

    Your team have been caught on the wrong side of a poisonous swamp whilst testing an experimental oxygen system. They need to get back across to the other side to safety, but the system involves the entire team being linked together. Time is of the essence because there is a limited supply of oxygen left in the tanks

    Obstacle Skis (interdependence, cooperation and trust):

    Great as an Ice Breaker or as a team exercise in itself. Three members of the team are linked on a pair of skis and have to safely negotiate an obstacle course. This game calls for balance and teamwork and it can be hilarious fun for onlookers!

    Blindfold Tent Erection (communication and trust):

    An excellent communications exercise. Before they even see the task, the team have to select communicators and facilitators. The facilitators are blindfolded and then the sighted members of the team are given the brief. They have to instruct their blindfolded team-mates to erect a tent within a restricted area, then get in it and zip up the door! This is a head-to-head race to use during an Ice Breaker session.

    Washing Powder Advert (creativity, design and planning):

    Using props and a Polaroid camera, the team have to make a washing powder advert, take photographs and make a presentation to the rest of the group. This calls for creativity and imagination. It is one of our most popular team tasks!

    Great Escape (trust, interdependence and planning):

    The team have been captured and imprisoned by aliens. Any disturbance of the compound wall will alert the aliens with the result that the whole group are re-imprisoned, even those who have escaped. The only equipment provided is a single plank. The task calls for a high level of team commitment and how does the last person get out?

    Board Meeting (creativity):

    The team must balance themselves on a small board long enough to sing the chorus of a song. The words are to be created by the team and adapted to a known tune of their choice. This task calls for problem solving, creativity and team building. It can also have some hilarious results!

    indoor team building games

    The Amazing Electric Team Leader (communication, planning and interdependence):

    The team has to draw up a list of the actions that a superbly competent team leader would carry out in order to achieve the following: Good Teamwork, Motivate Individuals, and Develop the Team as a Whole. This is an excellent communications exercise that can also be used to help a team formulate an Action Plan for the tasks ahead.

    Build A Crane (problem solving and planning):

    This is an excellent task for creativity and resource management. Teams are provided with a range of equipment that they have to buy. Using their materials they have to build a crane with points being awarded for weight lifted, vertical distance, horizontal distance and aesthetic appearance of the crane. This is an intriguing exercise that calls for a lot of thought and planning.

    Indoor team activities

    Where's Murphy? (problem solving and interdependence):

    The team's task is to calculate and provide the top management of an Irish Whiskey company with a vital sales figure. Each member has some of the necessary information but, unfortunately, Mr Murphy, the Sales Manager, has disappeared with some of the key data. It?s a race against the clock to locate him and ask him to fax the missing information. This exercise highlights interdependence, leadership and planning skills.

    Pipedreams (creativity and teamwork):

    This is one of our most popular Ice Breakers. It is a simple activity that gets everyone involved and immediately makes the team feel relaxed with each other. The teams have to create an interesting or topical object out of a packet of pipecleaners and give a short presentation of what they have made.

    We have had some weird and wonderful objects presented to us over the years!

    indoor activities fot team building

    Rope Square (problem solving, communication, trust and leadership):

    An excellent team exercise that really does call for cooperation and teamwork. The team is blindfolded before they even see the task! They are led over to a huge rope that is formed in the shape of a loop and laid out on the floor.

    The seamingly simple task of turning the loop into as large a perfect square as possible is extremely difficult to achieve when the whole team is blindfolded.

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    For large groups, the tasks can be doubled up and teams can go "Head to Head" to encourage more competition.

    If you want something that's not listed then let us know and we can probably source it for you

    For more information call Phoenix Leisure on 07896 632390

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