Bath Activities

Bath Activities

Corporate Team Activity Days in Bath :

Phoenix Leisure can offer a choice of Team Activities in Bath. Please select from any of the following Events:

Quad Bikes & Quad Biking

Quad Biking is one of our most driving popular driving activities for Corporate Team Events! These four-wheeled quad bikes can go anywhere and are fully automatic, making them extremely easy to operate. No driving experience is necessary!

Participants will face a fun Quad Biking course laid out with flags and poles, including the Magic Roundabout! Our high quality Yamaha Breeze Quad Bikes are ideal for corporate use as they feature a number of safety features.


Archery: The traditional sport of Archery/Longbow is an ideal complement to Driving Activities or other Field Sports. Guests use Olympic Recurve bows and will undergo instruction before taking their scoring arrows. Don't forget to bring your green tights!

Our experienced Archery Instructor will be on hand to offer tips and advice on how to hit that elusive Gold!

Falconry and Birds of Prey

Falconry: Have you ever wondered what it is like to hold an African Batleur Eagle or a Lanner Falcon? Under the supervision of our professional falconer, guests are invited to handle and actually fly these beautiful birds. Maximum participation and interaction with the birds is encouraged.

It's a great moment when a Harris Hawk swoops out of the sky and lands on your gloved fist! Falconry fits in well with a Multi Activity Day or as part of a Family Fun Day where displays can be held in a central arena.

Also, ask about our Falconry Experience Days.

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting: This is ideal for venues where it is not possible to do real clay pigeon shooting (such as city centre hotels with limited grounds). Up to five people can play at one time. Guests use deactivated shotguns fitted with a laser beam to shoot at clays fitted with a reflective strip. An automatic scoreboard keeps track of your progress and lets you know who is Top Gun!

We now have two Laser Clay Shooting systems so we can provide two stands of Laser Clays if you are looking to book a larger event.

Human Table Football

Human Table Football: This is a giant inflatable version of the popular pub table football game and is hilarious fun! Players are attached by Velcro to plastic poles, which slide from side to side across a pitch with inflatable sides.

Team sizes can range from 5 to 8 a side. It is suitable for outdoors or indoors and can be used with a Multi Activity Event, It's A Knockout, Family Fun day or as a stand alone Tournament.

You can also add traditional Pub Table Football to this activity.

Blindfold 4 x 4 Driving

Blindfold 4 x 4 Driving: This obviously depends on the suitability of the venue used for the event. Where possible, a testing off-road course is set up. Under the watchful eye of our instructor, participants will attempt to negotiate this course with points being awarded for driving skill as well as speed.

A true test of trust and communication, this is an excellent team building activity.

Air Rifle Target Shooting Gallery

Air Rifle Target Shooting Gallery: Our BSA Air Rifles are fitted with powerful telescopic sights and guests will face a variety of targets. Scores are kept. How many targets can you hit on the "Against The Clock Round"?

Racing Lawnmowers

Racing Lawnmowers: All thrills of the Race Track brought to you via the power of these high- tech lawnmowers! Our engineers have converted real mowers into exciting racing machines. Modifications include the fitting of a race seat and Formula 1 style steering wheel. Participants race against the clock and the Team Challenge can include the obligatory Pit Lane Tyre Change. This activity is hilarious fun but watch out for ?Garden Rage?!

Phoenix Leisure are the only corporate activities company in the country to operate Racing Lawnmowers!

The Mowers can also be used as Kiddie Karts for Family Fun days.

Phoenix Leisure can also supply a whole host of other corporate activities in the Bath area. Just browse the website by returning to the Home Page or click on any of the links below:

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Price Structure: Please call, email or use our online enquiry form for prices. For more ideas regarding corporate activities just browse the website through the Home Page.

If you want something that's not listed then let us know and we can probably source it for you

For more information call Phoenix Leisure on 07896 632390

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