Classroom Theory

Classroom Theory

Classroom based Team Building Theory combined with outdoor Team Building Exercises

This format represents our most advanced and intensive form of Team Building. The morning comprises of an intensive theory based Classroom Session. Our Trainer is experienced in the use of powerful personality profiling methods including Belbin and Myers Briggs. Facilitated by our expert Trainer we will cover a wide range of topics including:

What is a Team?
What makes an effective team?
Planning and the Planning process
Assertiveness and Leadership
Understanding of others
Team Roles
Managing and resolving Conflict

The session is very interactive and all delegates will be encouraged to participate fully in every area of discussion. The trainer will also allow time for some Ice Breakers that will complement the topics covered. Their final task for the morning is to complete the Electric Team Leader and come up with an Action Plan for the afternoon activity.

In the afternoon delegates are offered the chance to put theory in to practice by completing a series of Team Exercises- usually under the guise of the Mission Impossible scenario. Following these exercises the teams are debriefed and encouraged to look at how they performed as a team before the final wrap up session back in the classroom.

The final task involves the whole group going through a collective Debrief and Feedback session. Each participant is given a handout to take away with them and encouraged to look at how the benefits of the programme might be applied to the Workplace.

This is an intensive but highly effective Team Building event that is best suited for smaller groups (up to 30 participants). It can work equally well Indoors or Outdoors.

Price Structure: Please call, email or use our online enquiry form for prices. For information on more Team Building Packages please visit our main Team Building page or return to our Home Page.

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