Orangements Do Not Pay Their Bills

Orangements Do Not Pay Their Bills

Orangements Ents Don't Pay Their Bills!!! (they provide Casino Nights, Function Bands and mobile Wedding Disco Hire in Hampshire & Dorset). BEWARE ALL SUPPLIERS!!! Think twice before providing services for them

Beware! Don't take any bookings from this company if you are a band or other supplier as you might not get paid- I have been chasing them for 3000 for over 6 months. I know they were paid in full (the Hotel where I provided a team building event told me they were in fact paid in full IN ADVANCE!). They took ALL of the money whilst I did the job incurring all of the costs: paid wages to all of my instructors ,travel, etc.

They have stolen my money and done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for it!

Orangements Ents Ltd are still trading and have recently updated their website.

Orangements specialise in Function Bands, Casino Nights and mobile Wedding Disco Hire in the Hampshire & Dorset areas.

Orangements Contact Details:

Orangements is run by husband and wife team Chrissy Knott and Lee Knott. They can be contacted at the following address:

33 Brickfields Trading Estate
New Road
Dorset SP8 4PX

Are you owed money by Orangements?

If Orangements owe you money then just let me know and I will post your details on this website. Have you had difficulty being paid after providing them with your services? Again ,just let me know and I will post your comments here.

Are you thinking of booking your forthcoming event with Orangements?

If you are considering booking a fun casino night, function band, wedding disco or any other form of entertainment in the Hampshire/Dorset area then please call me. I will do my absolute best to find you a great deal. I provide a polite, friendly service and always pay my suppliers on time.

Orangements Ents Ltd Don

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  • Orangements Ents Ltd owe me 3000

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