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Geography Teacher at Eton College, Windsor. This was a fantastic experience and a really interesting place to spend a couple of years. My then Head of Department, Paul Cleves, now runs a charity in Vietnam(Saigon Childrens Charity if you are interested in donating some cash!)and has recently been awarded an MBE. I used to have to dress up like a penguin every day- suit, wing collar shirt, white bow tie and a gown- excellent!

1994- 1995

A bit of this and a bit of that in Bristol- I tried to restore a couple of classic cars but didn't do very well! My best purchase was a 1968 Left Hand Drive Landrover Ambulance. The plan was to convert it to a camper, export it to the USA, drive it around on the trip of a lifetime and sell it for a packet, thus paying for the holiday- a cunning and faultless plan if ever there was one. Said Landrover languished outside my house for 18 months before getting it's tyres slashed and being towed to teaching I think...

1995- 1996

Geography Teacher at Bedales school in Hampshire- a slightly alternative school where the emphasis is not just on academic achievement. One entrepreneurial boy asked me if I would be interested in buying a Goose for Christmas and we agreed a price per pound. I'd never had Goose before. He proceeded to feed this thing on lead bars or something because by the end of term it weighed about 36lbs and had to be delivered on a forklift truck. Luckily, the truck was also available to cart off all my hard earned money...

1996 onwards

Set up Phoenix Leisure specialising in Team Building and Corporate Events. It's a fantastic business to be in and we try our best to do a great job- so book us for your next event!

If you want something that's not listed then let us know and we can probably source it for you

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